[SOLVED] Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot upgrade: Waiting for Network Configuration

I upgraded my Ubuntu desktop yesterday from 10.04 to 11.10 and ran into some pretty significant problems.  If you get an error saying ‘Waiting for Network Configuration’, and it sits there until it finally goes on to a black page, then try the following:

CTRL+ALT+F1 should get you to the command line.  Do not try to get into the command line from the recovery option, or you will run into ‘read only problems’.  From the command line, log in as root or a sudoer (your main user account should be in the group) and do the following things:

1. create directories /run and /run/lock,
2. move contents of /var/run into /run and /var/lock into /run/lock,
3. delete directories /var/run and /var/lock
4. create replacement simlinks; e.g. ‘ln -s /run /var/run’ and ‘ln -s /run/lock /var/lock’

For less experienced users, you will need to type the following commands:

sudo mkdir /run
sudo mkdir /run/lock
sudo mv /var/run/* /run
sudo mv /var/lock/* /run/lock
sudo rm -rf /var/run
sudo rm -rf /var/lock
sudo rm -rf /run/dbus/*
ln -s /run /var/run
ln -s /run/lock /var/lock

After that reboot your computer:

sudo reboot

Ubuntu *should* now start up properly.

8 thoughts on “[SOLVED] Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot upgrade: Waiting for Network Configuration”

  1. Hi – Your fix – fixed my problem ! – which was exactly as the above

    So from my limited understanding the boot sequence lost contact with the databus ?

    Kindest Raoul

  2. Thanks, this resolved my problem. The only thing that changed for me is the login window. It is now in the middle as the previous version, not on the left.

  3. I am trying to fix my “Waiting for configuration” error on a Ubuntu 11.10 bootable USB. This error does not occur right away – I can boot at least 10 times, and then I receive this particular error.

    While trying the suggested fix – at the “mv /var/run/* /run” – I get the following error:

    “mv: cannot stat `/var/run/*’ : Not a directory”

    Do you know how I can fix my USB Ubuntu OS?

    Thank you,
    Alex K

  4. I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on a flash drive (with persistence), and I receive the “waiting for network configuration” message after roughly seven successful boots into the OS.

    Any idea how to fix this issue on my fresh install on the USB?

    Thank you,
    Alex K

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